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Standard ISO shipping containers are strong, secure, affordable and highly portable.

Mass-produced to carry up to 30 tonnes of cargo, their strength and adaptability allows them to be modified into almost anything:

Offices. Retail Units. Kitchens. Bars. Swimming Pools. Hairdressers. Homes.

If you have an idea for container conversion, we can make it happen.


Container Conversion Products

Shipping containers are strong, secure, affordable and highly portable. Which makes them an ideal framework to be modified into buildings, shops, homes and restaurants. Peek inside and take a look at how converting a container could transform your business.

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Innoboxx Projects & Case Studies

Containers can be converted for a multitude of uses, from bars and cafes to gyms and swimming pools. The space of a container can literally become whatever you imagine. If you have an idea for a container conversion we can make it happen.

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