Shipping containers are the metal box storage units that you see on the back of trucks, trains and ships.
They are usually 8ft wide, 8ft 6" high and can be 20ft or 40ft long.

They are designed to withstand 192 MT of weight and can be stacked up to nine containers high.

Typical weights when empty are 2.5 tonnes (20ft) and 4.0 tonnes (40ft).
Including maximum weight of contents the typical gross weight is 30,480kg (20ft) and 30,480kg (40ft).


Shipping containers are strong, secure, affordable and highly portable. Which makes them an ideal framework to be modified into buildings, shops, homes, restaurants.





Converting containers into catering units is our speciality. With nearly 40 years in the catering industry, you can rely on us to provide you with a cost effective & efficient solution. Our professional, in-house design service create aesthetically pleasing container conversions which make the most of your available space. Our focus is on attention to detail and flow, it is our aim to produce designs to the highest standards available within your budget.






From street-food vendors to pop-up restaurants. A shipping container can be modified to include a fully functioning kitchen. Regardless of the type of dining experience offered by your business, we can help to provide you with a top class, quality commercial kitchen that will assist you to make the most of your operation. The added bonus of a converted container is that you are not limited by location. If business is not good in a current location the whole business can be relocated with ease.



Shipping containers are the ideal solution for supplying bars and coffee shops for events and festivals, as they are portable, easy to set up before the event and straightforward to remove afterwards. Our designers have many years of experience working in commercial bars, restaurants and kitchens as catering equipment contractors and professional designers. We will look closely at the ergonomics of the front and back of house areas ensuring that every aspect works and runs smoothly. We believe that a good working environment is key to the success of any bar or restaurant business.



The construction industry have long benefited from container conversion. The ability to move pre-built offices, toilets and break rooms on site and then remove them after project completion has made the use of container modification an industry standard.




For many applications, shipping containers do not need planning permission as they are categorised as "temporary relocatable buildings".  New container housed businesses are appearing in supermarket car parks throughout the country, including hairdressers, car washes and retail outlets, which all benefit from container conversion.




Repurposed containers can be used as exoskeletons for future homes. The stackable nature of shipping containers provides a form of modular construction. There are up to 40 million shipping containers in the world right now, and experts believe that only six million are currently in use. Can container conversion provide a solution for affordable housing?